Corporate and Investor
Open Innovation and Tech Scouting

Facilitate Corporate and Investor Open Innovation and Tech Scouting

The purpose of this activity is to build a network of corporates and investors to carry out technology scouting and open innovation programs with EU and South Asian start-ups as well as innovative research organizations / universities.

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Open Innovation and Tech Scouting Challenges

Corporates and investors can launch challenges with an aim of scouting for innovation, intellectual property (IP), technologies and/or solutions externally in order to support their strategic plans and / or investments.

Corporates and Investors who are keen to leverage this platform to scout for technologies and open innovation challenges can send us an email to

Please refer to this link for past challenges.

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University Level Tech Scouting for commercialization

Support universities and research organisations in Sri Lanka which are seeking pathways to commercialization.

Exchange with universities and research labs about their research, contacts to industry and market experience, their international network

Organise (virtual) meeting with leading Sri Lankan Universities and R&D to understand their lab to market/tech commercialization needs

Sharing collaborative strategies with the EU for University Tech commercialization

Involve 2 research stakeholders in a piloting mode which will be supported more intensely (foster internationalization and networking with corporates).

Growrite/Eurosubstrates Corporate Innovation Call - Inviting Startups from India, Sri Lanka and Europe to apply for this business opportunity in Sri Lanka

We have launched an open innovation call by Growrite Substrates (Pvt) Ltd, Sri Lanka, they are a European corporate based in Sri Lanka, they are seeking to collaborate with innovative technology companies from Europe, Sri Lanka and India who can provide innovative solutions in the areas of Precision Agriculture, Data Analytics in Agriculture, Farm Services and Fintech in Agriculture and in return will be supporting the shortlisted partners to build capacity within the Sri Lankan market through this initiative. Startups and SMEs from India, Sri Lanka and Europe interested to collaborate with Growrite Substrates (Pvt) Ltd can get additional formation and apply for the call here.

  • Deadline: 15th February 2021

Innovation call by Deutsch Telekom for Energy companies

As part of the Interreg SCALE UP Programme, Cambridge Cleantech invites energy sector companies to apply for one-to-one meetings with leading telecommunications company Deutsche Telekom. Deutsche Telekom is looking for credible, scalable, and innovative companies that represent radical models and innovative best practice in the energy sector to face DT’s significant increase in its energy demand with the move to 5G. Contact Camila for more information.

Commonland Innovation call

We would like to share an exciting opportunity for startups and companies to collaborate and deploy their technologies for the Central Highlands Restoration Project (CHiRP), which is being facilitated by Commonland, The Nature Conservancy (TNC), Samerth Charitable Trust, and GBI. The IKEA Foundation supports CHiRP and we are seeking to attract innovative technologies to enhance the productivity and livelihoods of the local stakeholders, resulting in socio-economic development and ecosystem restoration. The ultimate aim of the call is to identify a competitive pool of global organizations that offer disruptive solutions focused on improving the yields and adding value to the Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFPs), local agriculture, food processing, and market linkages, and supply chain traceability of local produce. The Total estimated trade value of NTFPs in Chhattisgarh is close to USD $275 million. Other key areas for technology interventions in this region include access to distributed energy, environmental technologies in remote areas (for clean cooking, water, sanitation, waste management), and communication technologies to improve connectivity.

  • For more details and applying for this call please click this link
  • Deadline: 21st March 2021

EU-South Asia Investor Networking Platform

EU-South Asia Corporate Innovation Platform

Under the EU-SLIP, the EU-South Asia Corporate Innovation Platform was launched with the aim to foster innovation cooperation between South Asia and Europe. We are inviting corporates to leverage this EU – South Asia (India + Sri Lanka) Network of incubators, enablers, start-ups for open innovation, start-up scouting, partnerships, networking. European, Indian and Sri Lankan corporates are invited to share their business needs, problem statements and tech scouting needs and 3 of them will get free support for tech scouting and open innovation.

Please see the attached document (DOC 161KB) for more information on the EU-South Asia Corporate Innovation Platform.

EU-South Asia Investor Networking Platform

As part of the EU-South Asia Investor Networking Platform, the EU-South Asia Investor Networking Platform meeting will be held on the 20th of January 2021 at 2:30 pm IST. EBAN ( Europe's early stage investor network), IAN (Indian angel network), LAN (Lankan angel network) will initiate this meeting.

The main objective and agenda of this meeting is to connect the three major angel investor networks of Europe, India and Sri Lanka to explore cross border collaboration opportunities and discuss on the priorities, including some of the key bottlenecks/red tapes each ecosystem is facing when it comes to foreign investment.