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European Incubators for soft landing and market access to the EU

IDEA Innovation Center

EU India and Sri Lanka Incubator - Cyprus

Europe Market Access

Promotes innovative entrepreneurship and, while giving great emphasis on the entire spectrum and peripheral activities that support innovation in general, it is proudly a strong part of the work that promotes innovation on the national level. We do everything within our power to ease entrepreneurs’ access to the business world and enhance the diversity and durability of the Cypriot economy by bringing innovative products and services to life.

Incubateur Descartes

EU India and Sri Lanka Incubator - France

Europe Market Access

The Descartes Incubator is a service to help the emergence and support of projects for the creation of innovative companies with high technological or scientific added value. This service is labeled EU-BIC (European Union Business Innovation Center). We support project leaders from the advanced idea stage to the proof of concept, from the definition of a product / market pair to the business plan of a company with a solid financing plan.

The Descartes Incubator is aimed at entrepreneurs from all walks of life: young doctors, researchers, teacher-researchers, or creators from the economic sector. The support provided are as follows.

  • Scientific & technical, intellectual property, marketing, financial and human diagnosis of your project
  • Co-definition of a half-yearly roadmap
  • Daily answer to all your questions
  • Monthly coaching meetings
  • Free use of Fablab Descartes resources
  • Training to strengthen your entrepreneurial skills
  • Help in writing your public aid requests
  • Preparation for private fundraising

IPN Business Incubator

EU India and Sri Lanka Incubator - Portugal

Europe Market Access

Companies in the first years of existence have access to conditions that promote access to the scientific and technological system and a wide range of services facilitating the startup process and entrance to the market through training in technical and management areas and contact with national and international markets. The IPN business incubator provides support for the early stages of new innovative, technology-based or advanced services business projects. Priority projects are spin-offs arising from the University of Coimbra and startups that ensure a strong connection to the university environment, whether through students, faculty or RTD activities.


EU India and Sri Lanka Incubator - Luxembourg

Europe Market Access

The goal here is to promote and support the creation and development of innovative and technology-oriented companies in Luxembourg. Technoport® provides either individual entrepreneurs or foreign innovative businesses with access to resources that they typically lack in terms of business support services and infrastructure. The incubator hosts on average 40 companies and 25% (18) of the companies that successfully left the incubator (73) have been acquired by foreign companies.


EU India and Sri Lanka Incubator - Italy

Europe Market Access

It works to the advantage of businesses and local public administration in providing incentives for regional, national and / or European resources; in supporting credit and issuing guarantees; in risk capital interventions; in services for internationalization, promotion of business networks and regional excellence; in services for business creation and development; in measures for social inclusion.

It also carries out specialist technical assistance functions to the Lazio Region, with particular reference to the implementation of European and national programming.

European market access accelerator programs


EU Accelerator Program - Germany

EU Accelerator program

  • Global expansion workshops
  • Personalized coaching
  • Infinite information in one hub
  • Tailor-made
  • business missions

Startup Campus

EU Accelerator Program - Germany

EU Accelerator program

Connecting startups from the Central and Easter European (CEE) region to accelerator Partners in Berlin to build an international innovation ecosystem. Providing industry focus, project validation, university based research validation, and professional training. Startup campus conducted workshops for the start-ups interested to explore the European market. The workshop can be seen through this link.

Helpdesk for Startup Internationalization

EU-South Asia Helpdesk Support and Services

Helpdesk - India, Sri Lanka and Europe

EU, SL and India market access

Start-up helpdesk for the start-ups from India, Sri Lanka and Europe. Providing hands-on support to the 5 selected start-ups from EU and Sri Lanka. Providing market access and direct point of contact for the enquiries related to the helpdesk as well as internationalisation. Providing generic support to the 60 enquiries received by the helpdesk

EU Member State/Country specific programs for soft landing and supporting international start-ups

French Embassy

EU Missions - France

EU, SL and India market access

1/ French Tech Visa: The French Tech Visa program, aim at facilitating the recruitment of qualified foreigners, has three variations: Startup Founder, Employee and Investor.

The French Tech sites as well as the Welcome to French Tech page explain the three channels, the conditions to be fulfilled and the documents to be provided to apply, and the validity / functioning of the visa.

2/ In general, to facilitate the arrival of companies in France, the Welcome To France site presents a certain amount of information and Business France has set up a Welcome Office.

Support for startups:

French Tech helps all members of its ecosystem to create exchanges and help them grow. This support can take a number of forms:

  • Scale-up Tour : An annual event to create opportunities for meetings between international funds and French start-ups. Organised in conjunction with French Tech, the Elysée, Business France and BPI France.
  • Next40: annual list of the 40 future French tech champions.
  • French Tech 120 : programme with dedicated support for hyper-growth start-ups
  • French Tech Community Fund: a co-financing tool for French Tech communities.
  • French Tech grant: a grant to finance a start-up’s initial expenses
  • French Tech Acceleration: a fund that promotes the development of accelerators for French private start-ups.

European Country Visas


Name of visa/program: Startup Denmark


  • The first step is to create a business plan to which you will then receive the panel’s evaluation from the Startup Denmark Secretariat
  • The second step is to apply for work and residence permit
  • The third step is to launch your startup in Denmark – Funding can be applied too
  • Possibility of taking family members together

Duration of visa: 2 years, can be extended for three years after that

Average duration until acceptance: 4 weeks

Cost: Application and self-funding costs vary


There are a couple of important reasons to expand your business to Estonia. First of all: Estonia has the third-highest start-ups per capita: Europe’s average is five start-ups per 100.000 people. In Estonia, this number is six times higher. Also, Cost of living is meager, and the quality of life is very high. It’s effortless to start your business in Estonia. You can fill in a form on the internet (they claim it only takes 15 minutes to do so!)

Name of visa: The Estonian Start-up Visa


  • Have a scalable business (proprietors are not considered startups)
  • Financial resources (€130, - per month)
  • Non-EU startup founders
  • Approved by Estonian startup committee

Duration of visa: 1 year (long visa), 90 days (short visa)

Cost: €60 – €80


Name of visa: French Tech Ticket for foreign entrepreneurs


  • Team of 2 to 3 people, with at most one French member
  • Fluency in English to participate in program activities
  • Innovative projects that are in the creation or the traction phase
  • Founders must be 100% committed to the program (no other jobs)

Duration of visa: 12-month program

Average duration until acceptance: 3 months

More information:

  • Selection of 70 projects to be part of the 12-month program
  • Soft-landing with the aid of a local accelerator/incubator for market validation, connections, mentoring, and other benefits
  • € 45,000 equity-free investment per team, € 20k for personal expenses and € 25k for business expenses
  • Help with obtaining a French visa
  • Flights with lower prices by Air France Flights


Italy is working hard to add ‘attractive start-up climate’ to that list: lower taxes, opening a business is free, and tailor-made labor laws are just a few of the benefits for start-ups to start in Italy (Complete list here)

Name of visa: Italia Startup Visa


  • €50,000 of investment for your startup
  • Have an invoker project

Average duration until acceptance: 20-30 days

More information:

There are two types of applications: one with the intermediary of an accelerator/incubator and the other without. Access to the structure and support that the country offers to its companies, including:

  • Tax benefits
  • Start-ups can be registered for free
  • Flexible and personalized work laws
  • ‘Fail-fast’ incentive that helps start-up restructure if something goes wrong.


Name of visa: Latvia Startup Visa


  • You are a founder
  • You have an idea (or multiple) for a scalable, innovative business
  • You can prove you have a financial buffer of €4,560 in your bank account
  • A written statement that after you receive the residence permit and as soon as you become the chairman of your start-up (or an employee), you will have a monthly salary of at least EUR 859 per month
  • A document stating where you plan to live while in Latvia for at least the first 6 months – this can be a rental agreement or a letter from the host of the accommodation. (This can be changed afterwards)

Duration of visa: 1 year but it can be renewed for up to five years

Average duration until acceptance: 30 days

Cost: ~ EU 99,60


Name of visa: Startup Visa Lithuania


  • Your startup must operate in one of the following fields - biotechnology, electronics, information technology, laser technology, mechatronics, nanotechnology
  • You must legally be at least a part owner of the newly founded firm.
  • You must have enough financial resources to achieve your set business goals for 1 year.

Duration of visa: 1 year. Family members are permitted to accompany them. The permits can be extended for one additional year. After that, regular immigration procedures apply.

Average duration until acceptance: about 30 days

Cost: Although there is no application fee, successful applicants must pay 114 or 228 Euros depending on the rapidity of the process to secure the temporary residence permit.

The Netherlands

Name of visa: Startup visa


  • A government/recognized facilitator who was willing to assist startup in the process (usually accelerators and incubators)
  • The product/service needs to be considered innovative
  • Detailed planning on how the entrepreneur plans to turn his idea into a business
  • You need to register with the local chamber of commerce
  • Financial resources to stay in the Netherlands for one year (plus or minus 13k Euros)

Duration of visa: 1 year

Average duration until acceptance: 3 weeks

Cost: €321

More information:

  • Help from a facilitator (accelerator or incubator) to assist with the opening of the company, validation of the market, acquisition of customers, among others
  • Access to the structure and support that the country offers to its companies, including:
  • Discounts on taxes and fees
  • Access to loans


Norway is best known for its fjords, high productivity, and the excellent healthcare system. Also, it’s in fourth place on the per capita income index worldwide! As a result: it’s a great place to expand your business to!

Name of visa: Self-Employed Persons Visa


  • The running of the business must be the sole reason for the stay in Norway
  • You must operate in a central and instrumental position in your workplace as you must be the one liable for business commitments
  • It must be proven that there is a financial basis for operating the business
  • You must provide a business plan
  • Articles of association
  • Confirmation from a bank that share capital of 30,000 NOK (€3200,-) has been received
  • Auditor’s declaration of acceptance of the assignment
  • See documentation requirements

Duration of visa: 1 year with the possibility for Renewal


Portugal is on the fast track of becoming the European Silicon Valley. The yearly Web Summit hosted in Lisbon brings a lot of attention from all around the (startup) world is going to Portugal.

Name of visa: Startup Visa


  • Has to be a tech startup
  • Have to be over 18 years old
  • Potential of creating jobs
  • The startup has to generate over €325.000 revenue in 5 years
  • Income over €500.000 within three years
  • You have enough funds in your bank account in a total amount of 5146.08€ for 12 months (per person)

Duration of visa: 12 months then extension possibility

More information:

  • Low loan rate
  • Low cost of living
  • Tax benefits up to 3 million until 2020


Access to the structure and support that the country offers to its companies, including financial assistance and other facilities.

Name of visa: Entrepreneur Visa (Not specific to startups, but also applies)


  • Your project must have a positive impact on the Spanish economy
  • Generate jobs in the country
  • Contribute to technological innovations
  • Entrepreneur should:
    • Check financial resources
    • Be over 18 years old

Duration of visa: 1-year work visa

Average duration until acceptance: 4 weeks


Name of visa: Residence permits for the self-employed


  • Valid passport
  • Have significant experience in your field and experience of running your own business
  • Have relevant documents and knowledge in Swedish and/or English
  • Proof of running their own business and the ownership of at least 50% of the company
  • Provide information that the business’ services or goods are sold and/or produced in Sweden.
  • Have sufficient funds to support you and your family for the first two years (equivalent to SEK 200,000 for you (€19.500), SEK 100,000 (€10.000) for your spouse and SEK 50,000 (€5.000) for each accompanying child)
  • Reliable documentation of your budget
  • Have established customer contacts and/or a network in Sweden
  • Proof of the company’s profit to support you and your family for two years period
  • Following a 2-year probationary period, will have its finances in balance, and you can support yourself and, if applicable, your family.

Duration of visa: 2 years

Average length until acceptance: 4 weeks

Start-up Mobility

The study reflects the growing interest of India-EU in start-ups. It provides an overview of the policy frameworks, incentives and challenges faced by start-ups. It highlights the attractiveness of each market, good practices adopted by countries and provided recommendations on how the entry of start-ups can be supported, particularly from a mobility-perspective. Recognizing that foreign start-ups can contribute to technological innovation, enhance foreign investments and create new forms of quality employment in India and the EU, this paper discusses how India and the EU can support the entry and scaling up of foreign start-ups.

The paper is based on two primary surveys, one of EU start-ups in India, and one of Indian start-ups in EU Member States. Examining their experiences and their contribution to the respective economies, the paper identifies the mobility-related and other difficulties they face in establishing or expanding their businesses. The paper then makes policy recommendations, which aim to support India and EU Member States to attract foreign start-ups, bring in technology and investment, and help create jobs.

EU Market Reports

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EU Investors

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EU corporates

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EU SME IP helpdesk

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EU-India Innocenter

The EU-India Innovation Centre prepares European start-ups and entrepreneurs to launch and expand their activities in India, supporting their market entry strategies and creating a solid local network.

With extensive experience and high credibility in designing programmes in Europe and abroad, they add their expertise to provide tailored and personalized assistance and a wide network of contacts, offering business coaching and scaling support.

They are business strategists and entrepreneurs sharing a common vision of building a global organization dedicated to scaling innovators. The best group of specialists deeply engaged in the Indian and European markets.

Enterprise Europe Network

The Enterprise Europe Network (EEN): EEN helps businesses innovate and grow on an international scale. It is the world’s largest support network for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with international ambitions. The Network is active in more than 60 countries worldwide. It brings together 3,000 experts from more than 600 member globally. Global Business Inroads (GBI) is a Business Cooperation Centre (EEN India – GBI) - The main objective is to aid Startups / SMEs to access, innovate, and commercialize in International Markets through business and technology collaborations. Please reach out to us at

Horizon Europe

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University Linkages

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