What is the Startup
Sri Lanka Initiative?

Startup Sri Lanka was an initiative by the Ministry of Digital Infrastructure & Information Technology and is currently being operated under the Digital Infrastructure and Information Technology Division, Ministry of Defence, Sri Lanka. Our mission is to transform Sri Lanka through technology and entrepreneurship. We are working to support the tech community and accelerate the growth of Sri Lankan startups and freelancers. We believe strong homegrown startups and freelance community is vital to the future growth of Sri Lankan jobs and wealth.

"By professionalizing the startup industry together, we support the entrepreneurial superstars of tomorrow!"

This platform is the single largest online platform for startups and freelancers in Sri Lanka, connecting them to thousands of other startups, as well as other key stakeholders such as investors, mentors and incubators.

Our efforts are focused on trying to get the big picture right for Sri Lankan startups and freelancers – improving the regulatory environment, building a case for the right sort of government support for a fast-growing sector, and increasing public awareness of the impact of tech startups and freelancers across the country. We work with startups, freelancers and investors to help around the country get the settings right to create successful startup ecosystems.

Our partners provide the backbone of this initiative and are vital to our success. We wouldn’t be able to do what we do without this generous support.

Let’s get started!